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iDter Launches Immediate Deterrence System With Dealer Partnership Recruitment Program

San Bruno, Calif.-based iDter recently launched a complete commercial security solution and partnership program with the ability to generate RMR streams through its technology footprint. A fully integrated and automated security solution, iDter is proven to foil 98 percent of intrusions without the delays of human intervention, with users also experiencing false alarm reductions to about 4 percent, according to the company.

iDter, part of Kuna Systems Corporation, offers its solution through a qualified network of commercial security integrators, structured/data cable contractors, and licensed electrical contractors and is currently seeking additional members for its dealer community.

The heart of the product is iDter’s exclusive quad-core Niō guardian node, which is designed to identify intrusion and take immediate and effective deterrent actions that surprise intruders and defy predictability. iDter has implemented artificial intelligence deep-learning technology using convolutional neural networks (CNN) and holds some 35 U.S. patents through its parent company.

With iDter, intrusions are detected, immediately verified on video, and alerts with event recordings sent to the client’s mobile device. iDter live monitors events to ensure the deterrence actions were successful, and if not, a video verified alarm is sent to a UL-listed, Five-Diamond Certified central station to dispatch authorities through 911 operators. Customers receive access to reports of security incidents and deterrence effectiveness with performance metrics and statistics, such as the total number of incidents, the preventative responses triggered, recordings of the incident and responses, and the central station engagement and dispatching activity.

“iDter has recognized the need in the security marketplace for an automated and immediate deterrent solution,” said Greg Ayres, vice president of sales and marketing at iDter. “It’s a complete, integrated platform focused on providing documented security results for the property owner and RMR creation for the security dealer. With iDter, integrators can provide regular, documented security results to their clients, adding substantial value, thus making the relationship sticky. Dealers can grow their business with predictable revenue streams and a proven, end-to-end deterrent solution.”

iDter Niō guardian and protector actively deters criminal activity.


I Dter Nio

The iDter solution begins with Niō nodes installed around the premises, in place of wall-pack lighting. The Niō nodes are positioned to detect intrusion with a 4K HD resolution camera with wide-angle lens, multiple motion detectors, omni-directional microphone, and quad-core intelligence. The Niō nodes also deter with a rich set of immediate deterrent responses, such as the instantaneous illumination by 10,000 lumens of multi-directional LED floodlights, red and blue LED strobe lights, piercing sirens, situation-appropriate voice-down warning messages programmable by the customer, and intimidating sound effects.

The nodes are networked to the iDter cloud through Wi-Fi/ethernet communications and include a 256 GB SD memory card for onboard 24/7 HD or 4K camera recordings for online forensic analysis. iDter features Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud video storage and video-verified monitoring with UL 827 dispatch to PSAP.

iDter’s business model is centered on RMR, selling the Niō units wholesale to dealers at cost and charging RMR based on the number of units placed, Ayres said. Dealers can then price the units at a more than 40 percent markup, so they’re getting almost an equal share of the RMR, he added. iDter’s unit price includes all services involved, an end-to-end solution with no gap, Ayres explained. “You don’t have to cobble together hardware or vendors; the security dealer just needs to get voltage with an ethernet cable or build the Wi-Fi.”

The company is currently working with mostly smaller commercial and residential security dealers, with vertical market targets such as construction sites, equipment rental sites, auto repair and dealerships, hotels and malls, educational campuses, agriculture and cannabis facilities, and oil and gas facilities. “This product works beautifully with guard companies because it’s hard to hire and keep guards right now,” Ayres said. “Because the system works on a mobile platform, a single guard can be in car and manage five or six properties himself. It’s the perfect blend of technology and HR.”

While typical security dealers work with 12-volt systems, iDter’s system requires a 120 volt set-up, which is a good fit with medium-sized security dealers, Ayres said. This expands the product’s interest to security integrators as well as electrical contractors and infrastructure cable installers, he added. One security integrator using the product for a customer that had 25 to 30 petty intrusions a month was able to bring the number down to four to five intrusions a month after installation, he said.

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Suprema Integrates Biometric Access Control With Genetec Security Center

Suprema, a global provider of access control and biometrics, announced the successful integration of its biometric access control products with Genetec Security Center, a unified security platform that connects security systems, sensors, and data in a single interface.

Through this integration, users can pair Genetec Synergis — the access control system of Security Center — with Suprema access control devices, enabling verification of access credentials with fingerprints and facial recognition along with existing RFID cards and PIN numbers. Users can quickly register biometric data such as fingerprint and facial recognition records through either the Security Center software or Suprema’s BioStar 2 software, with all data being synchronized in real time and transmitted to a server. The integration is suitable for enterprise-level use, allowing up to 1,000 devices to be connected at once.



“Through this partnership, customers of both companies can more easily build and operate biometric-based security management systems,” said Suprema CEO Hanchul Kim. “We will strengthen our partnership to elevate our status as a global security leader.”

Francois Brouillet, product line manager, access control at Genetec Inc., added, “The integration of Security Center Synergis with Suprema’s biometric access control solutions simplifies the architecture, thereby enhancing the end user experience. This brings increased value to our joint customers and partners and further strengthens our long-standing relationship with Suprema.”

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STANLEY Security, Nexkey Team Up to Expand Access Control Portfolio

STANLEY Security, a global provider of integrated security, health, and safety solutions, has invested in Nexkey Inc., provider of mobile-first, cloud-based access control solutions. This investment — backed by STANLEY Ventures, the venture capital arm of Stanley Black & Decker — launches a strategic partnership between the two companies.

“We are committed to building safer, healthier, and more efficient environments, with the purpose of helping the world progress,” said STANLEY Security Global President Matthew Kushner. “Nexkey’s innovative technology helps provide a seamless access control experience with the added value of data insights. When paired with the expertise from STANLEY Security, this solution will provide even more value to organizations as we all adapt to our evolving world.”


Nexkey launched in 2018 to provide businesses an easier way to unlock and manage door access. The company’s wireless access control platform enables smart entry to any door, which allows businesses to manage access with a mobile app or web portal, simplifying installation and delivering valuable spatial intelligence to help optimize operations. STANLEY Security’s investment in and partnership with Nexkey provides new opportunities for small- and medium-sized businesses to adopt affordable, integrated security solutions.

“Nexkey unlocks more value beyond what traditional access control can offer, as our solutions are so versatile and simple to install that we can deploy them on any door at a fraction of the cost of today’s  systems,” said Eric Trabold, CEO of Nexkey. “And with organizations increasingly turning to the cloud and mobile solutions, this partnership offers STANLEY Security’s customers a convenient solution for enhancing their access control, creating seamless on-site experiences, and providing intelligent insights throughout the entire building.”

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BriefCam Partners With Axis Communications for Video Analytics on Deep Learning Cameras

Axis Communications has partnered with BriefCam to put BriefCam’s video analytics onto Axis’ deep learning cameras. BriefCam video content analytics will be available on the next generation of Axis cameras with edge-based deep learning processing capabilities from December 2021.

The emergence of AI-based edge analytics is an advancement that reduces a video analytics system’s total cost of ownership, enables use in low-bandwidth environments, and ensures faster response times to real-time alerts.

By enabling BriefCam analytics on the edge, users receive real-time alerts up to six times faster, achieve a five to 10 times reduction in bandwidth between camera and server, and need up to 55 percent fewer real-time GPU processing servers. This integration provides both flexibility in deployment options and cost efficiency from CAPEX and OPEX reductions for large scale or distributed video analytics deployments.

Combining BriefCam’s video analytics with high-quality Axis cameras powered by the new ARTPEC-8 chip allows customers to further optimize surveillance camera investments by enabling advanced analytics to manage real-time alerts, perform forensic search and derive operational intelligence for a range of safety, security, and operational use cases.



BriefCam is one of the first third-party organizations to use the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) to enable a comprehensive analytics integration directly on Axis Communications’ deep learning cameras. AXIS Q1615 Mk III, featuring a dual chipset of ARTPEC-7 and a deep learning processing unit (DLPU), was the first Axis camera with BriefCam video content analytics embedded. The BriefCam analytics platform will be available on additional generations of deep learning cameras from Axis including those with the new ARTPEC-8 chip, designed specifically for the acceleration of analytics.

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Arcules Integrates With Keep by Feenics Access Control Platform

SaaS security provider Arcules announced a strategic integration with Feenics, a cloud-based access control provider. Combining the two cloud systems will deliver a seamless, automated connection that provides advanced levels of insight into security events across a business’s infrastructure.

The integration links Arcules’ cloud-based security platform with Keep by Feenics to provide users with converged video and access control data and video verification of access events. Joint customers can access a unified monitoring experience and view live and recorded video and associated access control data. Stakeholders can also export recorded video clips and snapshots from the Keep interface.

“Developing fully automated integrations with other cloud-minded organizations is an example of our commitment to creating an excellent user experience for our customers,” said Nigel Waterton, chief revenue officer, Arcules. “Today, there is more data available for analysis than ever before and many times, systems still operate in silos. Allowing joint users to fully and easily correlate data from access control and video surveillance gives them a superior security management solution and lets them focus on the core aspects of their business.”


Arcules designs and delivers an easy-to-use, cloud-based video surveillance, access control, and analytics platform. Keep by Feenics, which supports the Mercury access control hardware platform, is designed on a flexible infrastructure that allows developer-partners to use APIs to embrace a more intelligent, connected environment. After installing the Arcules plug-in for Keep’s WinApp, users can view Arcules video feeds in the Keep video player, aligning video and access control data to support informed decision-making.

“We continue to lead the charge when it comes to connected, cloud-based security technologies,” said Jeff Ross, director of global marketing for Feenics. “Native cloud-based solutions like those offered by Arcules and Feenics give customers many advantages around accessibility, reliability, and mobility. Removing friction from the user experience is a key component for us and working with a forward-leaning company like Arcules to deliver an intuitive video and access control experience fits perfectly within our mission to help optimize our customer’s security environment.”

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TELUS, Genetec Partner on Cloud Video Surveillance for Canadian Businesses

Communications technology company TELUS and security tech company Genetec Inc. are joining forces to simplify cloud video surveillance for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada. The collaboration bundles TELUS security cameras with Genetec’s Stratocast cloud subscription-based video monitoring solution, enabling users to monitor their video from multiple locations through cloud-connected cameras. By recording and storing video straight to the cloud and eliminating the need for on-site servers, business owners can keep an eye on their locations using the Stratocast web portal or mobile application on their phones, computers, or tablets.

“TELUS has a long history of delivering innovative security technologies to our residential and business customers, and we are proud to partner with Genetec,” said Jason Macdonnell, president, smart security and automation at TELUS. “Powered by our world-leading networks, TELUS’ security solutions provide integrated, flexible systems to make our customers feel safe, connected, and in control. This collaboration highlights both companies’ focus on using technology to meet the security needs of businesses and improve the day-to-day lives of users.”

Telus (1)

Stratocast is now available to customers across Canada. With TELUS’ PureFibre network, businesses can access upload and download speeds, which provides significant benefits for applications like video surveillance and cloud-based security.

“The cloud offers new ways for small and medium-sized businesses to secure their facilities, while effectively leveraging their operating budgets,” said Marc-André Bergeron, director of sales, Genetec Inc. “We are pleased to be collaborating with TELUS to bring video surveillance as a service to this community. Small and medium-sized businesses are utilizing cloud infrastructure and enjoying cost-savings across many parts of their operations — from POS systems to security. Genetec Stratocast makes it simple for business owners to effectively and affordably protect their operations.”

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LenelS2 has entered into a strategic distribution agreement with video analytics software provider BriefCam, enabling LenelS2 value-added resellers to offer the BriefCam video content analytics platform with LenelS2 VRx and Milestone XProtect video management systems as well as within LenelS2’s Magic Monitor unified client. These integrated solutions enhance situational awareness and provide actionable insights to security operators when viewing live video surveillance feeds and recorded video, and join the Carrier Healthy Buildings Program suite of offerings to help deliver healthier, safer, more efficient and productive indoor environments. LenelS2 is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, a global provider of building and cold chain solutions.

The Magic Monitor unified security client combines access control, video surveillance, forensics, live-sourced internet feeds like weather, traffic, and news, and interactive content like floor plans and maps. It allows for the display and management of access alarms as well as cardholder data, badges, and access rights for the LenelS2 OnGuard and NetBox access control systems.

Adding the BriefCam video analytics solution to the Magic Monitor client allows security operators to easily review hours of video within minutes, pinpoint people and objects of interest, receive real-time notifications of critical events, and dynamically analyze key performance indicators to optimize operations. The BriefCam solution interfaces with both the LenelS2 VRx and the Milestone XProtect software, with live and recorded video managed and displayed in the Magic Monitor client.

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Cloud video surveillance provider Eagle Eye Networks announced enhancements to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, providing three editions: enterprise, professional, and standard. Customers can choose the edition that best meets their needs based on factors including number of locations, number of users, system complexity, and regulatory requirements.

“Our new Eagle Eye Cloud VMS editions will propel customer and reseller success by delivering the right solution for each customer, while ensuring customers have the flexibility to scale,” said Dean Drako, founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. Eagle Eye Editions will be available in late Q4, 2021.

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Eagle Eye

3xLOGIC announced the availability of its all-in-one functionality, currently available in its serverless camera bundle, indoor cube camera, and 56-degree thermal camera offerings.

All-in-one cameras feature onboard storage and, with the purchase of appropriate licensing, allow the camera to function as a standalone VIGIL server. The cameras can also be used in conjunction with a VIGIL DVR for redundant storage capability. As a stand-alone camera, all-in-one models are compatible with the entire VIGIL software suite, including direct access through VIGIL Client and the View Lite II mobile app, as well as with VIGIL central management for remote health monitoring and notification.

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IDIS has released IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) version 3.5, an enterprise-class VMS. New features and service modules are designed around increased situational awareness, efficient response coordination, and sped up investigations.

A new Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) service enables seamless and stable video and voice relay to third-party devices and software without an SDK or API, increasing system flexibility and helping security teams coordinate responses to threats and incidents.

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CEDIA, the global industry association for the home technology industry, announced a new community for Ring professionals within the association. The new initiative will grant Ring pros access to a carefully selected educational curriculum and a variety of member benefits.

For a limited time, Ring pros can join the CEDIA community as an individual member for $99 and access discounted educational opportunities through CEDIA Academy, a dedicated Ring pro portal, and exclusive webinar content. Ring pros will also be able to take advantage of the many benefits a CEDIA membership has to offer, including education and training, certification programs, in-person and virtual events, white papers, and more.

Ring and other Amazon products will be available through CEDIA’s Propel program, which connects CEDIA members to emerging trends, innovative technology, and special offers. All CEDIA members who order through Amazon business are eligible to receive up to 25 percent off Amazon Echo, Ring, and other Amazon products.

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