By Amanda Reed,

SDM Staff Editor

SightLogix Launches New Website

A relaunched website from SightLogix provides tools and resources to make it easier for end users, designers, dealers and integrators to choose and use thermal solutions for securing critical site perimeters and outdoor assets. The new site features real-world applications, video examples to illustrate uses of smart thermal detection systems, web-based perimeter design tools, international pages in multiple languages, easier navigation and direct access to customer support resources. Explore the new website at

Sight Logix New Website

Nedap Identification Systems Publishes White Paper on Automatic Vehicle Identification

Nedap Identification Systems has published a white paper on how automated gate access control positively influences the vehicle throughput and security level at industrial plants. In this white paper, Nedap shares the importance of using automatic vehicle (and driver) identification at industrial plants to maximize gate access control efficiency. The white paper also explains how these industrial sites can increase the vehicle (and driver) throughput, and how they can control the different aspects that make a personalized, secured gate access design. Read the white paper at

NEDAP White Paper

CompTIA Publishes DDoS Guide

CompTIA, an IT association, has published a guide on DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. This guide will help security professionals understand everything from the basics of detection to tools for combatting attacks, along with the skills one needs to prepare for cybersecurity incidents of this kind. This DDoS handbook is intended to act as a guide for everyone, from entry level to expert, and can be applied across industries. Read it at

DDOS Attack Stats

SIAC Updates Website

The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) has updated its website. New images, fewer clicks and clearer categories help visitors get where they want to go more quickly, and access alarm management materials to create alarm ordinances that succeed. The new site also includes targeted education and training information, and improved design for an easier browsing experience. Visit the new site at

SIAC New Site

In the “Eyes Wired Open” episode of Engage, a podcast series hosted by Genetec, former U.K. Surveillance Camera Commissioner Tony Porter, and Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, share contrasting thoughts on the U.K. and the U.S.’s video surveillance strategies. From pervasive video cameras to facial recognition and privacy issues surrounding personal information prompted by the pandemic, government and civil liberty organizations on both sides of the Atlantic are responding with very different strategies to balance the need for security and the privacy of citizens. Listen to it at