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Bosch Camera Has Built-In AI

The AUTODOME IP starlight 5100i with enhanced image quality and built-in AI helps operators react before a potential situation occurs. Designed for outdoor surveillance applications when light levels vary, the camera has a ½-in. camera sensor with 4MP resolution and 20x optical zoom to detect people or objects at a maximum distance up to 5,498 ft. The camera is equipped with advanced motion optimized high dynamic range at 133dB and starlight technology, which gives image quality even at lower light levels such as dusk and dawn, without blurring of moving objects. The camera is weatherproof with vandal-resistant housing.

Bosch //

Hanwha Solution Detects Body Temperature
The Wisenet TNM-3620TDY body temperature detection camera is a multi-purpose device that combines AI with a dual-sensor design to securely monitor facility entrances and accurately identify potential health risks. The device offers two detection modes to discreetly scan people entering a facility. When used in estimated body temperature mode, the camera’s 2MP visible light sensor captures and sends AI-based face detection data to its QVGA-class thermal sensor, which simultaneously measures the body temperature of each subject. The camera can connect to a VMS, NVR or decoder, or can be used as a standalone device to comply with healthcare privacy concerns. Hanwha Techwin //
DMP Translator Upgrades With Elegance
DMP’s wireless translator allows alarm companies to upgrade their customers’ existing wireless sensors without wasting time and money. The new 1100 wireless translator is designed to translate various one-way, low-frequency wireless transmitters. The new translator is certified for commercial and residential smoke detection and is therefore compatible with life safety devices. It can learn in up to 128 zones, allowing the system’s working transmitters to send supervision and low battery messages to the panel. Users get the smart home features they love with automated actions, integrated cameras and video doorbell, all with the powerful and intuitive Virtual Keypad app and browser. DMP //
BEST Cylinder Thumb Turn
BEST Thumb Turn Offers Convenience
The newly designed BEST ADA rim cylinder thumb turn is ideal for areas where the convenience of a thumb turn is preferred over a key cylinder. This thumb rim cylinder enables ADA compliance and compatibility. Additional features include: easy to lock and unlock without a key; visual confirmation that the lever handle is locked based on the position of the thumb turn; temporary removal of the thumb turn enables compatibility with the Precision 2110VI product; and available in multiple finishes. BEST //
Paxton Access
Paxton Solution Combines Access, VMS
Paxton10 combines access control, video, Bluetooth smart credentials (with zero license fees), feature-rich software and, for the first time, Paxton10 cameras, all in one system. It includes: access and video fully integrated on one, license-free platform; Free Paxton10 smart credentials; Bluetooth wireless technology that allows smartphones, tablets or smartwatches to be used in place of traditional keys or electronic tokens; remote management; multi-site management functionality; Paxton10 cameras; a modular, single door system; scalability from 1 to 1,000 doors and up to 1,000 cameras; full compatibility with Paxton products; a migration path from Paxton’s Net2 access control system; and integration with fire and intruder alarms to simplify building management. Paxton Access //
Viking Electronics
Viking Paging System Puts More Speakers on Wire Run
The Viking model PA-250-IP SIP/multicast paging amplifier is powerful enough to drive up to 250 70V speakers or paging horns. High efficiency means much less heat dissipation, smaller size, higher reliability and lower cost. Other cost savings advantages include the ability put more speakers on a wire run, having longer speaker wire runs, use of smaller gauge wire and being able to set the volume of each speaker independently. The PA-250 also includes a direct microphone input for paging. It provides up to 250 watts of loud paging for SIP based VoIP phone systems and can be used for standard SIP endpoint paging or multicast paging. Viking Electronics //
STI Wire Guard Protects a Wide Range of Exit Signs
STI’s highly durable exit sign damage stopper offers excellent protection for signs against vandalism and accidental damage. Constructed of tough, 9-gauge steel wire coated with corrosion resistant polyester, the wire guard helps reduce maintenance costs. The cage is recommended for areas where abuse is severe or it is imperative devices continue to operate for the safety of building occupants. Ideal for gymnasiums, exit signs in remote locations, unsupervised areas and more, the guard helps decrease maintenance costs and reduces time spent replacing broken or stolen units. Four models are available. STI //
Alarm Com Indoor Camera Reduces False Alarms
Although’s new indoor Wi-Fi camera, ADC-V515, is the company’s lowest-priced available indoor camera, it supports the same video solutions as the rest of its lineup, including’s onboard recording with smart view for continuous local recording and video analytics to reduce false alerts from objects other than people, animals and vehicles. Two-way audio and live video capabilities let users see, hear and speak to anyone inside their home directly from the mobile app. IR night vision and HDR also make it easy for customers to see what’s important, regardless of the lighting conditions. //
Speco Recorders Can Be Wall Mounted
Speco’s NDAA compliant wall mount recorder with the WNRN is a 4K H.265 wall mount NVR with smart analytics. It comes in four, eight and 16 channels and has real-time recording at up to 8MP resolution (4K), allowing for more details when zoomed in. It supports H.265 video compression and is equipped with EZ Search 2.0, which allows users to quickly and easily search 24 hours of recorded video in less than 90 seconds by breaking down the footage from day to hour to minute. The recorder also comes equipped with advanced analytics, including object and line crossing along with human and vehicle detection. SpecoTechnologies //
VIVOTEK Products Are Driven by OSSA
VIVOTEK launched the iNSIGHT series with products driven by the Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA). VIVOTEK’s iNSIGHT series products include an 8MP, 50M IR, IP67-rated fixed dome camera (FD9392-EHTV-O) and AI-box (IE9111-O). Available apps via the Security & Safety Things app store include gun-in-hands detection, face mask detector, PPE inspection, audience measurement, parking lot occupancy, fall detection, animal counter and much more. VIVOTEK //
Oyla Solution Delivers Mass Market 3D Sensor Fusion
Oyla’s mass market camera and analytics solution fuses high-performance video and depth into a single camera. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing physical security infrastructure, while enabling more rapid and accurate decision making as well as greater safety. Oyla’s technology offers an affordable camera platform that integrates LIDAR and video at the hardware level, fusing 3D and video data to achieve the highest reliability levels in a unified model. Oyla //
DITEK Solution Protects System Power & Multiple Circuits
The DTK-120X12 combines protection for 120V system power with protection for up to 12 low voltage circuits to eliminate damage caused by electrical surge events. This combination simplifies implementation of comprehensive surge protection for fire alarm systems, while providing remote monitoring of surge protection status using dry contacts. The modular plug-in design simplifies installation and allows for easy replacement. The DTK-120X12 base is designed to be wall-mounted and hardwired, and includes the 120VAC power surge protection unit with dry contacts. The 120VAC module also has LEDs for visual confirmation of status, and an audible alarm that sounds if protection has been compromised. DITEK //
Prodata Key
ProdataKey Solution Streamlines Access
Present-to-Open is a new touchless way for ProdataKey (PDK) io users to interact with their system’s Touch io Bluetooth readers. With Present-to-Open, users hold their smartphone within proximity of the reader to authenticate their credentials. The phone may remain locked as long as the touch app and mobile credentials have been installed on the user’s device. Individual or group permissions define when and on which doors this feature will work for each employee or tenant, as set by the system administrator. The Present-to-Open functionality can be added to any existing Touch io Bluetooth reader through a firmware update performed by a PDK-certified systems integrator. ProdataKey //
ZK Teco
ZKTeco Entrance Solution Is Fully Automated
Safe2Greet is a fully automated lobby entrance control solution that consists of a user-friendly touchless visitor management kiosk, integrated gate/turnstile and even a walkthrough metal detector. The Safe2Greet kiosk can read QR codes, faces, palms and driver’s licenses. It automatically validates a visitor’s health screening questionnaire, scheduled appointment, personal identification, body temperature and mask compliance prior to automatically releasing the turnstile/gate. SpeedFace can operate independently or integrated with an existing third-party access control system. ZKTeco USA //
Optex Bridge Simplifies Visual Verification
OPTEX has introduced the CKB-312 to its intelligent visual verification solution. This gateway is a hardware device that allows security professionals to connect ONVIF-compatible cameras and alarm sensors to the cloud-based visual verification portal powered by CHeKT. Aimed primarily at monitored alarm systems, the solution provides central station operators the ability to visually verify alarm threats. When installed and maintained properly, this system can eliminate 100 percent of false dispatches. The CKB-312 allows the integrator to pair up to 12 cameras with 12 sensors for visual verification of events. It simplifies the installation for larger sites using a single device to transmit 12 event-driven cameras’ feeds. Optex //