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Burglar Alarms

Test Your Burglar Alarm Knowledge

1. Cross zoning means programming two or more wireless sensors with the same ID number.

a. True
b. False

2. A mesh network combines the technologies of multiple manufacturers so that the chances of signal transmission success is increased.

a. True
b. False

3. Add-on devices to a wireless security system by their nature cannot be supervised.

a. True
b. False

4. End-of-line resistors serve no purpose other than on a UL-listed installation.

a. True
b. False

5. All of the following are acceptable alarm transmission methods today except ______.

a. digital dialer
b. IP communicator
c. pre-recorded tape dialer
d. cellular radio

6. Battery calculations are not required on burglar alarm systems because there is no requirement for any extended operation after a power failure.

a. True
b. False

7. The widely accepted industry standard burglar alarm panels are manufactured to meet is ___________.

a. MD-01
b. ECV
c. NFPA 731
d. CP-01

8. A residential sprinkler system may be connected to a residential burglar alarm panel if it is ____________.

a. equipped with a sprinkler system zone
b. equipped with a dual line dialer
c. listed for household fire service
d. capable of 24-hour standby power and 5 minutes of alarm time

9. In order to measure the resistance of an alarm circuit, the technician would need a _________.

a. manometer
b. multimeter
c. amp meter
d. oscilloscope

10. Two-wire residential smoke detectors must be wired by______________.

a. connecting batteries in series
b. using a larger battery charger
c. connecting batteries in parallel
d. using a larger transformer

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Roy Pollack, CPP, SET, holds Level IV certification in the field of fire alarms from NICET.
He is currently a director of training and compliance for Comcast/Xfinity Home and may be reached at

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