Jamaican Bank Coordinates Security Over 40+ Branches With AMAG Symmetry

Member-owned Jamaica National Bank (JN Bank), which has been serving Jamaican business and personal customers for more than 140 years, has deployed AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Systems platform solution to coordinate multiple security systems across more than 40 branch locations.

In a highly regulated industry with specific compliance needs — from branch security and HR data collection and retention, to multi-location staff authentication and visitor management — consistency and efficiency are a must. JN Bank was using several security providers, with three to four systems spanning all its branch locations and administrative buildings. Employees complained about having to carry different access cards to switch between locations; and if technical issues arose, multiple providers needed to be contacted for resolution.

The bank was focused on expansion, and management recognized that they had outgrown the multi-system scenario. JN Bank turned to full-service security company Video-Access Security Solutions Ltd. for a single solution to implement across its footprint. The goal was to add visitor management services; source department exit and entry resources at administrative headquarters; and increase HR data retention capabilities to comply with incoming audits. Without a unified system, these integrated needs would be nearly impossible to seamlessly fulfill across all JN Bank locations.

“Based on my professional assessment of the systems [JN Bank] was using … AMAG’s Symmetry System was the clear solution,” said George Kamalu, managing director at Video-Access Security Solutions. “Symmetry was the most unified, seamless platform that satisfied the various needs.”

All bank locations will implement Symmetry GUEST, a centralized, customizable visitor management system with four different visitor licenses available through Symmetry Access Control.


Symmetry GUEST

Over a one-year project, JN Bank implemented Symmetry Access Control to replace all previous systems. This software centralizes systems and helps reduce inefficiencies through its support of unlimited card readers, card holders and clients, allowing teams to control all security from a single location and universalizing access among those readers to enhance staff mobility.

Symmetry Access Control is also highly modular, offering users extensive options for integration with all Symmetry preferred partner solutions and a full range of optional software programs to further customize the system to meet any future security needs.

To streamline record keeping and compliance requests, the system provides the ability to note when employees enter/exit specific departments using its readers, generating simplified time/attendance reports. All data retention limitations are removed, significantly increasing a team’s ability to archive essential information in the event of an audit.

Symmetry Access Control now acts as a unified backbone to JN Bank’s security system and increases staff stability, allowing for seamless user access with only a single ID card across all company buildings.

In the branches, Symmetry systems secure all main entrances and allow exit/entrance requests by employees for the most sensitive areas of each location for a higher overall security compliance. The company headquarters and data centers are now equipped with more than 80 card readers, adding the ability to note proof of exit/entry time as a simple solution to time and attendance reports, and meeting HR’s compliance needs with no time limit or data retention.

“AMAG’s … system not only helped JN Bank to streamline our active processes, but has allowed our team to confidently look forward to address future compliance, systems management, and other risk issues,” said Michael Powell, JN Bank’s head of security.

JN Bank’s longevity as an institution would not be possible without protecting its customers’ assets. To that end, the bank also added Symmetry GUEST — a centralized and customizable visitor management system — to its facilities, beginning within two administrative buildings. All company locations and headquarters will implement Symmetry GUEST in the future, with four different visitor licenses available through Symmetry Access Control.

Video-Access Security Solutions also recommended AMAG’s Symmetry system because of the possibilities for future integrations and upgrades. JN Bank has already begun planning for future projects, including programming JN Bank’s existing smart devices (HVAC systems, lights) to deactivate when users exit the premises, allowing for energy conservation when locations are empty; two-factor authentication and biometrics as recommended by security auditors; and integration with existing video systems.

“The ultimate goal was stability for Jamaica National Bank’s future needs,” Kamalu said. “While other systems may offer integration options, our team had the most confidence in AMAG’s manufacturer stability and seamless support options. We knew that in choosing Symmetry, we were setting ourselves up for a successful and long-term partnership between our team and JN Bank, as we continued to adapt together to their security needs.” //

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Genetec Inc., a technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations and business intelligence solutions, has deployed its Security Center unified platform to enable the city of Chattanooga’s “Dragonfly Community Connect,” a public-private policing initiative to enhance public safety in the Tennessee community. Through the initiative, when calls come into the Chattanooga Police Department (CPD) to report a crime, the Real-Time Intelligence Center (RTIC) can check with participating businesses in the area to see if they are able to share video from their security cameras.

Using Stratocast, a cloud-based video monitoring service from Genetec, business owners can give permission and provide access to their video streams to the CPD upon request so that investigating officers can monitor live video during an incident or review recorded video during an investigation directly from the Security Center platform located in the RTIC. With Stratocast, business owners can also keep an eye on their business and view live and recorded video from their laptop, tablet or smartphone 24/7.



WKS Restaurant Group (WKS), one of the nation’s fastest growing franchises, with a portfolio of six leading restaurant brands, chose Interface Security Systems, a managed service provider delivering business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, to upgrade and standardize alarm systems across its more than 380 U.S. restaurants.

Interface rolled out a fully managed video verified alarm solution for WKS. Security camera footage associated with every alarm event at any of the restaurants protected by Interface is validated by trained intervention specialists before calling in help. This approach not only eliminates false alarm costs and penalties imposed by law enforcement or municipal authorities, but also guarantees store employees are called in to investigate only valid security breaches.

WKS Resized


The University of Manchester, the University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University, working with CriticalArc, have created the Manchester SafeZone Alliance, enabling the three security control rooms to extend the footprint of 24/7 support beyond their campus boundaries.

The three universities have each deployed SafeZone, CriticalArc’s unified safety, security and emergency management solution. With the formation of the Manchester SafeZone Alliance, security staff from each campus will provide reciprocal support to each other’s staffs and students. Using the SafeZone app on their phone, students and staff are directly connected to the appropriate safety and security team or first responder.

Safe Zone


Dozens of area residents attended an online demonstration of IntraLogic Solution’s ALERT (Active Law Enforcement Response Technology) system this fall, hosted by the Coconut Creek, Fla. police department. During an emergency, ALERT allows businesses, schools, churches, or government locations that are part of the system to immediately communicate with police departments, giving law enforcement real-time access to their surveillance cameras, security systems, and other technology.

IntraLogic originally developed ALERT for use in schools. The system is triggered by any emergency, such as fires, break-ins, health emergencies, or active shooter situations. ALERT’s software immediately connects with cameras, giving police live feeds and allowing them to access and control building security systems. Police are given floor plans and maps and control of electronic door locks, access control systems, and PA systems.