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AMAG Access Control System Enhances Security Functions

Symmetry Access Control version 9.4 contains several new enhancements that improve integrations, streamline licensing requirements and enhance overall functionality for security operators. With Symmetry CompleteView VMS integration enhancements, more data is shared between Symmetry Access Control and Symmetry CompleteView VMS. An updated virtual matrix screen makes it easier for users to save and manage preferred camera views. This will increase efficiency and streamline workflows. Using the Symmetry M4000 Intelligent Controller panel, users can create areas within Symmetry, such as a building or floor, that can be locked down individually in the event of an emergency or situation.

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STI Thermostat Cover Prevents Tampering
Thermostat protector with key lock helps protect thermostats and energy sensors. The cover mounts directly over the unit to prevent unwanted access, yet allows authorized use with the provided key. Molded of clear, 1/8-in. thick, heavy-duty polycarbonate material, this cover is recommended for areas where abuse is a problem. This may include vandalism, accidental damage or costly tampering. The cover is especially useful for thermostats located in waiting rooms, break rooms, restaurants, cafeterias or any other public area. Holes in the frame allow air to circulate freely for proper operation of protected thermostats, and an inner wall prevents tampering with dials and levers.
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DMP Output Solution Offers Customers Freedom
The X1 is DMP’s cloud-based access control system, and outputs are event driven and site wide. This means that customers can easily manage outputs connected to any X1 across their entire site, all from the Rules tab in Virtual Keypad. Using “If This, Then That” logic, users can configure Rules from their smartphones with the Virtual Keypad app and Virtual Keypad browser. A door forced open can trigger a notification, a light or any other output. For example, if a door to the warehouse is forced open, customers can create a rule to activate a strobe light in the office, alerting personnel to a potential security breach.
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Aiphone Software Communicates Across a Network
IX-SOFT is a software master station for the IX Series. Use IX-SOFT to call and communicate with IX Series stations across a network. Software master station features include monitoring, paging, and door release. Check device functionality and network status of each station using the Line Supervision menu. Use the interactive map to quickly interact with door and master stations by selecting them individually or by dragging to select a group. IX-SOFT requires a single, transferable lifetime license per PC, with optional bundles available with 3, 5, or 10 IX-SOFT.
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Altronix Converter Provides PoE+ & 12VDC
Part of Altronix’ portfolio of NetWay PoE solutions, the NetWay3012P PoE+ adapter/converter provides 12VDC and PoE/PoE+ (30W combined) to power two devices simultaneously, accommodating PoE cameras and external microphones, control boards, switching equipment and more. NetWay3012P passes PoE+ from any midspan/injector and converts PoE to 12VDC up to 2A with a total of 30W combined. As with all Altronix products, it is TAA and NDAA compliant, and backed by a lifetime warranty.
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Paxton Access
Paxton Makes Video Intercom Smart & Simple
Entry is a video intercom system that can be installed standalone or on an efficiently scalable, networked system. The complete Entry video intercom system is made up of just three components: a door controller, external panel and interior monitor. This plug-and-play system allows users to grant access and make informed decisions through visual identification when someone is requesting to enter their building. Entry can be installed as a standalone system and is an ideal option for sites where a simple, flexible intercom is needed. It is scalable up to 100 panels and 1,000 monitors, making it suitable for a variety of environments.
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Hikvision Cameras Increase Situational Awareness
Hikvision’s lineup of PanoVu panoramic cameras allow facilities to monitor vast coverage areas. PanoVu cameras are available with 180-deg. or 360-deg. fields of view in 8 MP, 20 MP or 32 MP resolution and feature supplemental IR and panoramic lighting to capture clear images in extremely dark environments. IR models feature four sensors running high frame rate, full 180-deg. stitched images, up to 32 MP resolution and a 40x optical zoom PTZ. Flexible Series IR models feature four individual sensors with a motorized 2.8 mm - 12 mm auto focus lenses and a track design with gimbals that allows each sensor to be independently placed.
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Viking Solution Converts Analog Speaker to IP
Viking Electronics’ PSA-TB-IP analog to IP speaker adapter enables the re-use of analog speakers while adding talk-back capabilities. The PSA-TB-IP is equipped with a microphone to enable talk-back paging and silent monitoring of the area. It also monitors ambient noise levels to automatically adjust speaker volume. The built-in 6-Watt class D amplifier can be used to drive a connected paging speaker. Mount the PSA-TB-IP magnetically to the back of an analog speaker magnet or use the included screws to attach the unit to the speaker frame using the 25/70V transformer mounting holes.
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VIVOTEK Camera Works in Low Light
The FD9182-H recessed dome network camera with Trend Micro IoT security is compact in size at just 3.2-in. in diameter. The recess-mounted design enables discreet and elegant ceiling installations, allowing the FD9182-H to blend into any indoor surveillance space such as retail, banking, restaurants, offices and other public areas.
Hanwha Camera Is Intelligent LPR Solution
Wisenet Road AI is a new line of automatic license plate recognition cameras that feature make, model and color recognition to identify vehicles using AI technology. The cameras, together with an edge-based application, support real-time viewing, event monitoring, forensic search and a range of widgets and graphs that display daily/weekly/monthly traffic statistics. With multiple types of classifications including car, SUV, van, light commercial vehicle, truck, bus and motorcycle, users can search based on a number of attributes including date/time, license plate, photo, type, brand, model and color. In addition to displaying plate and vehicle attributes, the Road AI edge-based app also supports black/white list event notification.
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Calipsa Dashboard
Calipsa Software Improves False Alarm Reduction
The Calipsa Pro analytics software suite adds four tiers of advanced analytics, incorporating customizable real-time alerts, camera health checks, object tracking and forensic video analysis. Calipsa Detect is Calipsa’s flagship false alarm filtering technology. It detects the presence of human and vehicular activity in video alarms. More than 90 percent of nuisance alerts are filtered out. The software enables users to mask areas of noninterest, such as roads or public spaces, further reducing false alarms. Custom schedules turn off filtering during unmonitored hours, while a mobile app and dashboard enable users to expand system control and review its performance.
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Lumeo Platform Adds Parking Management Building Blocks
Lumeo has added parking management building blocks to its “no-code” custom video analytics platform. The building blocks enable solution providers to create analytics that help commercial parking facilities use existing camera infrastructure to maximize efficiency, utilizing real-time data powered by artificial intelligence. Video analytics platform offers drag-and-drop customization that works with any camera, video management solution, and even third-party analytics, to allow providers to rapidly tweak their analytics or camera positioning for optimal performance. Lumeo is billed on a pay-as-you-go usage-based model that allows companies of all sizes to get started with little to no investment and to scale with the benefit of volume discounts.
Lumeo //
Vector Flow
Vector Flow Suite Transforms System Data Into Insights
Vector Flow Security Operations Center automation suite is designed to deliver results for enterprise customers across a range of physical security operations that have been affected by longstanding challenges. The suite includes three key AI-driven modules: SOC alarm reduction, SOC system health and predictive maintenance, and SOC operation key performance Indicators. The suite monitors and optimizes connected physical security devices, and detects failed devices or early warning signs of failure of devices. With false alarms reduced, trained SOC staff can focus on actual alarms and are immediately able to decrease response times significantly and improve customer service.
Vector Flow //
Morse Watchmans
Morse Watchmans Solution Provides Increased Performance
KeyWatcher Touch’s generation 3 CPU provides improved performance and faster user interface and improved synchronization times. The KeyWatcher Touch key management system features a 7-in. touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface and patented SmartKey system with KeyAnywhere technology, making it simple to withdraw and return a key securely to any key cabinet in an enterprise. The solution offers the convenience of scheduled PDF reports that are emailed to authorized recipients. Email delivery of customized or standard reports can be scheduled for any specific time or frequency and they can be accessed using the Morse Watchmans app.
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IP Video
IPVideo Sensor Offers Building Health Status
Version 2.5 of the HALO IOT smart sensor provides health and indoor air quality readings and alerts. As part of the v2.5 software release, HALO provides real-time air quality and health index, and sends alerts when either index falls into danger zones. In conjunction with HALO Cloud, the sensor also provides critical automated reports that allow building owners and administrators to demonstrate they are providing a healthy indoor environment. With new options for calibrated CO2 sensors, HALO 2.5 and Health Index provides a cost-effective and flexible alternative for any facility or campus looking for a safe and healthy environment for its staff, students, patients and tenants.
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