By Amanda Reed,

SDM Staff Editor

NAPCO Security Introduces New Commercial App for Dealers

NAPCO Security Technologies introduced its new Gemini Commercial Mobile App for its GEMP1632, GEMP1664, GEMP3200, GEMP9600 and GEMX255 Hybrid Control Panel series. The portrait-style Gemini Commercial App provides smart multi-tier controls for business accounts of all sizes, on all NAPCO Gemini security and integrated access control systems. It’s customizable so dealers can easily upload their own logo, contact and instructional info to make it an app of their own. Download it on the App Store.

Gemini Mobile App

Boon Edam Now Available on BSD SpecLink

Boon Edam announced that its most in-demand entrance products are now available on SpecLink, an online specification platform to help architects, engineers, specifiers, building owners and designers simplify and improve their approach to creating and collaborating on building project specifications. SpecLink is a cloud-based tool created by Building Systems Design Inc. that streamlines workflow, improves collaboration and increases productivity by bringing stakeholders in the building design process together through a common specification document. The process of creating a building specification is simplified by presenting a comprehensive, generic specification template that allows users to specify by simply “turning on” content to be included in the specification and selecting the manufacturer’s products and options. Visit Boon Edam’s website for more information.

Spec Link

ADT Adds SOS Features to SoSecure App

ADT’s personal safety app, SoSecure, now includes new SOS features to give users more discreet ways to summon help. Voice Activation with Secret Phrase allows users to set up personalized phrases, then use their voice to activate SOS. SoSecure will recognize your secret phrase (even while your phone is locked) and alert ADT that help is needed. This feature is beneficial when users need to discreetly request emergency assistance without anyone around them knowing, or when they need to send alerts hands free. The video monitoring feature allows a user to start a video call with an ADT agent the moment they feel unsafe. The user can livestream the video to the agent, filming themselves or their surroundings. The agent can see the user’s live stream video and take action based on what is being shown and help to provide situational crime deterrence. For more information on the personal safety app, visit ADT’s website.

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HID Global Releases Whitepaper on Protecting Biometric Information

HID Global’s latest whitepaper, “Protecting Against Criminal Use of Stolen Biometric Data,” discusses numerous tactics and best practices that should be considered in order to protect individuals and organizations from the fraudulent use of true identities. Stolen data could be used by the perpetrators to hijack a user’s identity and gain fraudulent access to restricted areas, bank accounts, healthcare records — wherever biometric authentication is securing valuable assets. What can be done to render biometric data useless to any would-be impostor? Read the whitepaper on HID Global’s website.

HID Global

“Engage: A Genetec Podcast” explores trends and technology in the security industry. In episode seven of “Engage,” hosts Kelly Lawetz and David Chauvin chat with Dr. Cynthia Rudin, a mathematics professor at Duke University whose work with several major U.S. police departments has helped define best practices in interpretable machine learning, and Giovanni Gaccione, director for strategic planning and portfolio management at Genetec, about the adoption of interpretable models by law enforcement to discover new patterns and solve crimes. Listen to the podcast episode on Genetec’s website.