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Alarm Lock Debuts RMR-Generating Access Control System

Alarm Lock, a division of NAPCO Security Technologies, introduced AirAccess, a new access control system as a service (ACaaS) designed to help locksmiths, security dealers and integrators build business and RMR-generating accounts faster than ever, purposefully sized for small- and medium-sized businesses. According to the company, AirAccess is the first cellular-based access control system that makes the system connections for its installer quick and easy via cellular communications networks, outside of the customers’ network, firewall or overburdened IT department. It’s also easy to bid and budget for, as the monthly service has one flat per system rate. And, since it’s a hosted service, the client doesn’t have to worry about a big upfront expense.

“We’re super excited to debut AirAccess to integrators, dealers and locksmiths because it really is a best of NAPCO Security Technologies system, literally,” said Judith Jones-Shand, vice president of marketing at NAPCO. “It powerfully combines some of the market’s best-selling brands in a new, easy-to-install, business- and RMR-building access control system as a service. AirAccess uses Napco StarLink’s super easy cellular communications technology to make networking a breeze, entirely outside of the customers’ IT department. Alarm Lock’s wireless networked locks, with hundreds of architectural trim options from Marks or NetworxPanel, and a really simple cloud-based version of Continental’s Access Software, with a five-step easy setup Wizard, are right-sized for the large volume of  small- and medium-sized businesses out there looking for security.


Air Access

“Even more attractive for integrators looking to add accounts and RMR quickly — it’s a hosted ACaaS with one flat monthly rate for the system — not per door, like others do. [It is] easy to bid, easy for accounts to budget and afford. … Launched at the recent ISC West, it’s available now at a distributor near you.”

While a new ACaaS solution, its foundation is on the tried and true StarLink cellular communications and Alarm Lock Trilogy wireless networked locks or panel, with standard Wiegand readers. Fully scalable, AirAccess offers accounts a user-friendly mobile app with built-in credentials and control, plus SMS notifications, on-demand reports and real-time emergency monitoring. For security pros, it combines cellular-based installation and operation, plug-and-play setup and software and a five step wizard — all virtually wireless from the cloud to the doors. Plus, it offers twice the RMR potential, providing hosted access control and real-time security monitoring.

The AirAccess, as well as free, customizable marketing materials, are also available at 1.800.ALA.LOCK. Check out a free sales intro class too at — By Courtney Wolfe, SDM Managing Editor //

DMP Announces Integration With Hanwha WAVE

Hanwha WAVE has become the newest software integration with DMP’s Virtual Keypad app. DMP is partnering with Hanwha to give customers another powerful and dependable cloud-to-cloud video solution.

This integration allows dealers to log into a Hanwha WAVE account within the Virtual Keypad app. When the DMP panel goes into alarm, users will be able to view all of their connected Hanwha video devices and manage their security systems.


Wisenet Wave

“We’re very pleased and excited about this partnership,” said Mark Hillenburg, vice president of marketing for DMP. “With the Hanwha integration, dealers now have the ability to offer a comprehensive security and video solution using Hanwha’s cloud-based services, and they get the security of storing the video offsite.”

This integration delivers an easy-to-use IP video management software solution with onboard analytics. Hanwha WAVE is a powerful software solution, opening up more new installation opportunities for dealers, particularly for large commercial video installations.

To enable the new integration, dealers will just need to select Hanwha from the list of video options in DMP’s administrative portal. Virtual Keypad app updates are available for download, free of charge, from the Google Play store and the App Store.

For more information about DMP’s video solutions, visit //

MxV Consulting Launches Momentum Security Training

MxV Consulting LLC is launching Momentum Security Training, an online, context-based education platform serving the physical security industry.

Momentum Security Training aims to provide a solution to technician shortages and lack of training options in the physical security industry, and disrupt the status quo by providing context-based education that empowers its students to deliver high quality solutions.

Legacy training is often either manufacturer taught or peer taught, each of which has limitations, according to MxV. Rather than teach someone how to do something, Momentum Security Training empowers students to learn why the technology works. So no matter the situation or product, there is a deeper understanding of the technology and the theory behind it.


Momentum Training

With classes like Introduction to the Security Industry, Momentum Security Training is targeting new employees in manufacturing, investors and end users. Basic and fundamental courses are targeted at security dealers and integrators who want the competitive advantage of fully educated technicians to bring jobs in on time and on budget. These courses cover best practices and safety, and dive deep into the fundamentals of physical security. New courses are constantly rolling out to cover topics such as video surveillance, installation, selling security and intermediate and advanced technical topics.

Momentum Security Training is manufacturer-agnostic, which allows for a wide variety of products and solutions to be taught while maintaining the integrity of its courses. Courses are packed with value-added knowledge from instructors with decades of firsthand experience in the field. Students are challenged after courses with assessments before a certificate can be received.

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Edwards & Airthings Enter Agreement for Air Quality Monitors

Airthings, a global provider of indoor air quality solutions and energy saving technology, announced a strategic agreement with Edwards, a provider of fire detection and alarm solutions, and a part of Carrier Global Corporation. The agreement commercializes Airthings’ business solution through more than 500 Edwards channel partners in the fire and security segment. Extending the distribution of Airthings technology represents progress toward making air quality monitoring a critical component of commercial buildings and as ubiquitous as the everyday smoke detector.

“Edwards and Airthings share a mutual commitment to improving indoor environments,” said Angie Gomez, president of Edwards. “Expanding our comprehensive fire and life safety offering to include indoor air quality monitoring will further enable our customers to create safer, healthier indoor environments.”

As part of the strategic agreement, Edwards will commercialize the Airthings for Business solution through its channel partners in the United States and Canada. The Airthings for Business solution lets customers monitor, visualize and control indoor air quality to ensure a safer and healthier environment, while saving on energy costs. Set up in a matter of minutes, the wireless monitors run on long-lasting batteries, making the solution easily scalable and customizable to any new or existing space.



In addition, Airthings sensors provide air quality data to Abound, Carrier’s new open-technology platform designed to make building environments more intelligent, efficient and responsive. Abound aggregates data from different systems and sensors and provides building owners, operators and occupants transparency into relevant and contextual insights about air quality, thermal comfort and other performance data. Airthings’ sensors will provide indoor air quality data and insights to the Abound platform via the Airthings API.

“Airthings is on a mission to empower the world to breathe better through simple, affordable and accurate technology solutions,” said Oyvind Birkenes, CEO of Airthings. “Together with Edwards and Carrier, we can build on our pursuit of making air quality sensors an essential element of every building and home — helping even more people take control of their air quality and protect their health. Entering a strategic agreement with a brand like Carrier is a massive step that will accelerate the evolution of air quality monitoring into an indispensable aspect of any HVAC system or building safety solution.”

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Camden Door Controls, a provider of door activation and locking products, has published a new application spec guide for specification writers designing a wireless, barrier-free restroom control system. This application utilizes standard push plate ‘push to open’ switches and a mushroom ‘push to lock’ switch, with CM-TX9 battery powered wireless transmitters, and CM-RX-91 and CM-RX92 receivers.

‘Occupied’ and ‘locked’ annunciation is provided by hard-wired (narrow) LED annunciators that are mounted on the door frame, inside and outside of the restroom. This application sheet is posted as a resource on Camden's restroom control product page.

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Camden Spec Guide

Hikvision’s HikCentral Professional platform provides a centralized software solution to remotely view and manage all facets of an organization’s integrated physical security systems. The platform delivers vast integration and management capabilities for video surveillance, access control, video intercom and various specialty solutions such as under vehicle surveillance, along with a host of embedded intelligent analytics and system analysis tools.

Advanced VMS features include visual tracking of individuals across the surveillance network, adaptive video display windows to customize administrators’ camera views and map management of system devices with click to view capability and visual alarm identification. In addition, the platform is embedded with advanced analytics including motion analysis, line crossing detection, intrusion detection, people counting, queue analysis, heat analysis, personal article feature detection, temperature analysis and vehicle analysis. HikCentral Professional also includes several playback features to help quickly locate video footage of interest with the ability to easily export video clips in multiple standardized video format files such as MPEG4 to easily share for investigations and to use as evidence.

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The Security & Safety Things’ (S&ST) Application Store now features 100 ready-to-use apps that offer video analytic solutions for retail, manufacturing and logistics, commercial office space, parking and stadium environments, with more apps constantly being added. These apps are designed to run on smart cameras using the S&ST open camera operating system and the S&ST open IoT platform, which enable cameras to simultaneously run a variety of applications that perform different functions. The camera OS is based on the developer-friendly Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

These AI-enabled applications can be used to increase point-of-sale conversions in retail sectors through the use of heat mapping to discern popular items and store times. In stadiums and large events, apps are being used to reduce wait times in ticketing lines and providing contactless parking. In manufacturing and logistics, apps can be used to ensure employees are wearing proper safety vests, hats and reflection vests. In commercial buildings, they can reduce energy usage by monitoring heating and cooling systems.

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Application Store

Vector Flow Inc., a provider of AI and data-driven physical security solutions, announced that their Security Operations Center (SOC) Automation Suite is proven to reduce false and nuisance alarms by more than 80 percent in real world applications. This reduction in false alarms not only dramatically improves SOC efficiency and productivity, it lets SOC operators focus on real alarms and provide improved services.

Vector Flow’s Data-Driven Physical Security Platform is built on a foundation of advanced AI algorithms capable of processing and analyzing vast amounts of data from otherwise disparate security systems and applying automation playbooks to reduce cost and risk.

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