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Maxxess Solution Meets Post-Pandemic Priorities

Maxxess has released an update to its eVisitor visitor management solution to support more flexible workplace operations post-pandemic. The release includes options for mobile access control using smartphones, with authorized visitors and site users now able to pass through secure entrances using a choice of more convenient and hygienic contactless and touchless methods, including secure GDPR-compliant biometrics. Touchless kiosks allow reception staffing levels to be reduced in settings from hospitality to corporate offices, and provide faster, more convenient check-in and entry for guests. For organizations switching old access cards or fobs for smartphones, eVisitor now allows access to be granted when users place their phones in front of a reader like a standard card.

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STI Button Deters False Alarms
STI’s latching resettable Global ReSet series continues to help evolve their extensive range of access control switches. The UL/cUL Listed Global ReSet is ideal for use as a button to call police, to alert of an emergency, to lockdown a building and more. The indoor/outdoor resettable push button helps deter malicious activation. When pressed, a visible warning flag drops into view. Authorities can quickly reset with the provided key for immediate reuse, eliminating the wait for replacement parts. The versatile mounting plate fits to U.S single-gang, double-gang and four-square electrical boxes, and European electrical box, making it quick and easy to install in any location.
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GSX Booth # 1315, #666

Bosch Cameras Tackle Mission Critical Applications
The FLEXIDOME IP starlight 8000i-X series cameras, available in HD 1080p and 4MP, are the ideal solution for mission critical applications with challenging lighting scenes and moving objects. They exceed expectations and strengthen security even further, as they are able to capture relevant data in very challenging scenes, thanks to built-in artificial intelligence and new image quality capabilities. These 1/1.8-in. sensor cameras include HDR X and starlight X imaging technologies, enabling the best possible image quality across all light levels and reducing motion and HDR blur to an absolute minimum.
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Matrix Door Controller Is Touchless
The COSEC VEGA CAX range of door controllers is engineered with a blend of aesthetics, size, connectivity, reliability and ease of use. Its IP65, PoE, Wi-Fi, touchscreen, fingerprint and RFID card offers foolproof access control and time-attendance solutions for modern enterprises. Powered to offer a range of contactless credentials, it is a perfect fit for multiple applications. It is designed to cater to the demanding needs of modern organizations, irrespective of their segment, size and operations. It features contactless credentials: Bluetooth, RFID card, PIN and face (with compatible hardware).
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Videoloft Solution Cuts Costs
Videoloft’s cloud video surveillance platform provides users with a powerful yet highly cost-effective remote recording solution, while providing resellers with a new potential revenue stream to add to their offering portfolio. For large surveillance system users, Videoloft’s cloud video surveillance solution provides affordable, secure, offsite video backup. For SMBs, Videoloft’s ability to record up to 8MP direct to the cloud provides a powerful remote standalone storage solution. Both applications provide system integrators and resellers with a versatile VSaaS for virtually any size system or vertical application.
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Hanwha Techwin

GSX Booth # 1641

Hanwha Techwin AI Cameras Are Cost-Effective
Hanwha Techwin has expanded and updated its lineup of P series AI cameras with five new 2MP HD models. A follow-up to the premium 4K P series AI cameras announced in 2020, the new cameras present a cost-effective entry point into AI-based camera technology. Hanwha P series AI cameras include license-free video analytics based on deep learning that can detect various object types such as people, vehicles, faces and license plates as well as identify unique object attributes. The cameras offer enhanced people counting, queue management and heat map functionality with no requirement for overhead mounting, making sure faces are seen and footage is always useful for identifying persons of interest or delivering business intelligence.
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GSX Booth # 550

RemoteLock Platform Controls Access Offline
RemoteLock’s software supports ReadyPIN technology to enable offline smart lock control in locations with limited or no internet connectivity. ReadyPIN-enabled smart locks rely on secure PIN codes generated by the RemoteLock platform, with or without a Wi-Fi remote connection. Users simply create the access schedule they need, and RemoteLock’s software creates a PIN code specific to the lock according to the desired schedule. When the PIN is entered into the lock, the lock will verify the code via its built-in algorithm to allow access based on the schedule embedded in the PIN. Because the PIN code itself is encrypted with all the access permissions needed, ReadyPIN-enabled smart locks do not ever need to connect online to validate the access credential.
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Resideo Communicator Connects Panels to Stations
The advanced modular communicator, LTEM-P, seamlessly connects to customers’ residential and commercial security system control panels to send alarms and messages to Resideo’s AlarmNet network for transfer to the central monitoring station. The communicator is available in two models to support both the Verizon and AT&T networks. Designed to provide dealers with powerful choices and simple installation, the multi-path communicator is compatible with Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and LTE. It offers several enhancements over other multi-path communicators because it allows for competitive takeovers and has built-in technology that allows for better signal penetration.
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GSX Booth # 1144

Viking Amplifier Adds Power to Paging Systems
The PP-250 can be used as a standalone paging amplifier or to add 250 Watts of power to existing paging systems. It is a rack mounted paging amplifier that provides 250 Watts of paging power. The unit is compatible with both 25V and 70V paging speakers. The high efficiency amplifier technology reduces heat dissipation allowing for smaller chassis size, increased reliability and lower cost. A 600 Ohm input connects to any analog line level audio source. The 600 Ohm input can also be used to daisy chain the PP-250 from another amplifier such as the Viking PA-250 or Viking PA-250-IP.
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dormakaba Website Helps Transition to Touchless Access
The self-audit website from dormakaba makes it easy to determine both short-term fixes and long-term solutions. Detailed self-audits include hospitality, healthcare, government, higher education, retail, K-12 education and multifamily housing. The touchless access tool has three specific steps. First, users map current access methods in 16 specific locations on their properties. Second, users identify current locks and access and door types for each room category. Finally, the audit curates a customized list of short-term solutions and longer-term opportunities. Short-term fixes can be implemented quickly. Longer-term opportunities show a range of possibilities that may require a little more planning.
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Hikvision Camera Captures Full Color Darkness
Available in pan, tilt, turret and bullet indoor and outdoor configurations, Hikvision ColorVu imaging technology cameras provide vivid, high resolution color images in virtually any lighting condition, including zero-light environments, by incorporating a unique combination of high performance imaging sensors, advanced lenses, a large iris and on-board supplemental lighting. In addition to their high performance imaging sensors, advanced lenses, a large iris and on-board supplemental lighting, Hikvision ColorVu cameras feature self-adapting 3D digital noise reduction to ensure high quality, full motion video and imaging for a wide variety of applications. These cameras are available in 2 MP and 4 MP resolution with H.265+ video compression technology to conserve bandwidth and storage.
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Cloudvue Cameras Receive Updates
Cloudvue’s Gen3 series cameras include a stronger processor, making them more powerful than previous iterations. The Cloudvue Flex Gen3 3MP and 8MP cameras are designed to offer a high image quality and rich surveillance options for a wide range of applications. Featuring a tough enclosure, the cameras are suitable for exterior applications looking for a rugged camera to withstand harsh environments while having the aesthetic for interior applications. Installations that strive for a combination of high resolution and high performance at a competitive price point, all while simplifying installation and configuration, stand to benefit the most from the Cloudvue Flex Gen3 3MP and 8MP cameras.
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Video Mount Products
VMP Enclosure Gets Equipment Off Floors
The ERWEN-6E 19-in. wall rack enclosure offers a two-fan kit for the ERWEN-6E and all other VMP wall cabinets. With welded steel construction, it ships fully assembled and works with all standard 19-in. rack equipment and accessories. It has 16 in. of usable depth, and its rails have numbered spaces with standard 10-32 threading. The front and rear rails are adjustable, and the top and bottom are vented. There are also top and bottom cable routing knockouts, a reversible hinged, tempered glass front door, a removable hinged-back panel and removable locking side panels.
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Pdk Map View
ProdataKey Software Makes Management Mobile
ProdataKey (PDK) enhanced its Pdk io software interface with Map View. The Map View feature allows users to upload custom maps and arrange device icons onto floorplans, making it possible to view and control each door’s status while looking at the full system layout on their phone, tablet or laptop. Multiple maps can be created for a single location, representing buildings, rooms, floors or other areas. By linking maps together, users may navigate from one to the next, mimicking how they would physically travel through the site. JPEG or PNG images may be used for map images.
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SECO-LARM Push-To-Open Bar Is Illuminated
The ENFORCER illuminated push-to-open bar works with an external electric strike or maglock to provide egress from a protected area. It can work in standalone mode or as part of an access control system, but also can be locked by key. Buzzer, output timing and LED function and colors are also customizable. The illuminated bar’s large LED shows red in standby and green when triggered but is programmable red/green/blue by an access control panel. This push bar fits 36-in. doors; its actual length is 337/16-in., but it can be cut to fit smaller doors, minimum 235/8-in.